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I’m Rocio and wish to welcome you to my blog “Viva las Cookies”. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, especially baking. As far back as my childhood, I spent many Christmas vacations trying out all kinds of different cake recipes from my mother’s kitchen encyclopedia. Thus, I’ve been in baking since I was very young. It was not until Summer, 2013, that I started baking and decorating cookies and cakes. I started this new hobby impulsively, but it really turned into something precious and fulfilling for me. It tapped into artistic skills and interests I have had since very young.

During these three years I’ve combined both cookie and cake decorating with attending courses, working a full-time job, and studying–all at the same time. Yes, I’m a perpetual student!!! I do love learning and, since I started working when I was 22, I’ve juggled my job with pursuing a Business degree, an English Philology degree and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education. As it didn’t seem to be enough I also added baking and cookie decorating!!! Hahaha!!! And now I’m also studying Marketing & Publicity as well as devoting some time to painting, a hobby which I love too!!!!

I’ve created this blog to show you all my works, and I hope that you like and enjoy my creations. Thanks a lot for stopping by!