This is my first football T-shirt cake. It is a replica of the T-shirt of Osasuna, our local football team. Jon, the son of my friend, Mila, turned 7 years old and was going to celebrate it with his class. I don’t think the picture does justice to the cake, but it was an enormous cake.

tarta camiseta futbol decorada fondant

Tarta Camiseta Fútbol Osasuna

The first thing I did was research on the Internet and ask my children for help choosing the most updated Osasuna T-shirt. Once the model and cake size were clear, I sketched the T-shirt on a big card stock that served as reference to cut the cake.


Tarta camiseta Osasuna

Thinking backwards, I do not know how I could handle such big cake sheets without breaking them. One and a half years have passed since I made this cake, so it is not easy to remember all its details. However, I do remember that I had to create a huge base for the cake, since I wasn’t able to find a big one in the shops. I had some difficulties rolling out such a great amount of fondant as well as covering the cake. However, with some patience and happiness it finally worked out.



Tarta camiseta Osasuna

To cover the ball with fondant I used a pentagon made out of card stock that helped me cut the white and black fondant pieces. The T-shirt was made of chocolate cake filled and frosted with white chocolate ganache. I dyed the fondant a couple of days before making the cake. I needed to make sure that both the red and blue colors of the T-shirt looked exactly as planned.


Tarta camiseta Osasuna

I really enjoyed making the T-shirt decorations. I started modeling them one week ahead of time. All the details were made out of sugar paste: the football emblem, the ADIDAS and CAN logos, the football player. For making them I had both the letters and the emblem printed in a card stock used as template for cutting the sugar paste. I let the decorations dry for a few days before painting them. All decorations were attached to the cake using a pencil moistened with a bit of water. The details of the neck, the elbow and the scarf were made right before placing them on to the cake.


Detalles camiseta Osasuna


Escudo LFP camiseta Osasuna

The football player was modeled in several steps: the first day, I did the torso, the legs, the head and the ball. The second day, I attached the head and legs to the torso; I dressed the football player and added the arms. The third day, I did the hair and the remaining details.

Escudo Osasuna modelado con fondant

Escudo Osasuna fondant

jugador de futbol modelado con fondant

Jugador Osasuna

I was really pleased with the cake! Jon and his classmates loved the surprise.


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