Tarta raqueta decorada con fondant |tennis racket cake decorated with fondant

Even though it may seem incredible, I made two different cakes for the same day and party!!!! We were celebrating my sister’s and my nephew’s birthdays. So I baked and decorated a handbag and a  tennis racket cake for the same date. To be honest, I was quite behind schedule, so when the day came, I only finished the two cakes just before dessert!!!

Well, what can I say? That I am an expert in taking the plunge? I hate to say it, but this time I admit my husband is right when he says I do too many things at the same time…

Tarta raqueta de tenis www.vivalascookies.com

Tennis Racket Cake www.vivalascookies.com

Mikel not only is my nephew. He is also my godson. As he loves playing tennis, I said to myself: “Why not make him a tennis racket cake similar to his racket?” The only problem was that I did not have a clue on how to make one. So, I turned to the Internet but did not find anything worthwhile. I ended up relying on my imagination.

Tennis Racket Cake www.vivalascookies.com

As you can see from the photo above, the tennis racket cake is thicker than it should be, but if I had made it with a normal thickness for a tennis racket we wouldn’t have eaten much!!! (Well, that’s not completely true as we also had the handbag cake!!!J). This time I made a chocolate cake and filled and frosted it with white chocolate ganache.

Tarta de raqueta de tenis www.vivalascookies.com

Tennis Racket Cake www.vivalascookies.com

The toughest part ended up being making the net cords with royal icing. By the time I got to this task, I was pretty tired. It was a challenge to keep the cords in straight lines. The best part was that Mikel really liked the surprise.

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