galletas de boda decoradas con glasa| wedding cookies decorated with royal icing

In June 2014, Jaime, my youngest brother-in-law,  got married. After considering different options for the event, they opted for Barcelona and celebrated it in the big way. As they live in Amsterdam and have friends from all over the world, the wedding ended up being a very cosmopolitan celebration.

Galletas de boda - Wedding cookies - VIVA LAS COOKIES

Wedding cookies

As I already had some experience in this delicious cookie world, I couldn’t resist the temptation of preparing a beautiful box of wedding cookies decorated with royal icing and a bit of fondant. Since the bride’s dress was a secret, I improvised and did the color and style of cookies that I felt like doing. I took this opportunity to use some new cookie cutters for the first time, though I did not have cutters for the waistcoat and wedding bouquet. I had to cut those cookies by hand.

Galletas copas de champagne - Champagne cups cookies - VIVA LAS COOKIES

Champagne cup cookies

The champagne cup  cookies  were iced using black-piping consistency to outline the contour and 20-second consistency inside the cup. I added some small dots of icing onto the cup to simulate champagne bubbles. Then, I painted the cup with edible gold color. To simulate the crystal effect I also painted it with piping gel and sprinkled some sugar over it.

Galletas corazones entrelazados - Interwoven heart cookies - VIVA LAS COOKIES

Interwoven heart cookies

The interwoven heart cookies were painted in a strong red color. The names of the bride and groom were written using piping icing, and the wedding rings were made in fondant.


Jaime & Olga Wedding Cookies

The other cookies were decorated with 20-second icing, and the detail work was made with piping consistency. The bride’s dress bow was finished off with a flower made out of fondant. Her shoes had an ornament made out of fondant painted in silver color imitating natural pearls. For the wedding bouquet  cookie  only piping icing was used.

Galletas de boda Jaime y Olga - Wedding cookies Jaime y Olga - VIVA LAS COOKIES

Jaime & Olga Wedding cookies

Galletas ramo de novia - Wedding bouquet cookies - VIVA LAS COOKIES

Wedding bouquet cookies

They both liked it, especially the bride. What can I say about the wedding! We had a blast! Long live the bride and bridegroom!


Bride shoes cookies

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