Galletas Minecract espada diamantes Minecraft cookies diamond pickaxe sword

Have you ever heard of a computer game called Minecraft? I can assure you it is something today’s children and adolescents really like. It is a videogame of the “open world” kind in which children place blocks to build anything, creating their own worlds.

Jaime and Daniel, my children, really enjoy this game. It is definitely one of their favorites. So when their birthdays arrived (January and May 2015), I was clear about what I wanted to prepare for the event. Apart from a Minecraft cake, I decorated some vanilla cookies with different minecraft motifs: the  diamond sword, the diamond pickaxe, the creeper and the TNT block.


Diamond Sword and Pickaxe cookies

Both the diamond sword and pickaxe cookies were the most complex ones to make, and of course, I did not have Minecraft cutters. So I had them printed in card stock in the size that I found to be the most appropriate. Once the card stock was cut, I used it as a template to cut the cookie using a knife. To cut the cookie cleanly, it is important to chill the cookie dough. As both the sword and the pick have many sharp ends, if the dough is not cold, you will not obtain a nice cookie shape.

I used a regular square cutter for the creeper and the dynamite.

As for decorating the  diamond sword and the diamond pickaxe cookies, you will need to arm yourself with patience and go little by little. First, draw little squares onto the cookie. Then, start filling in squares with royal icing, avoiding those squares that touch squares that are already filled. This helps to add volume to the cookie. As the process is a bit time consuming, you can speed it up by putting the iced cookies into a dehydrator for about 10 minutes and then decorating the remaining squares. It is true that decorating these cookies takes time, and, once you are done, you will have spent hours decorating just 8 swords and 8 picks. Well, in spite of that, it is worth the effort, especially when you see your children smile at the surprise!

Galletas "creeper" y bloque TNT - Creeper and TNT block cookies

Creeper and TNT block cookies

It is quite a bit easier to decorate the creeper and the TNT block cookies, as they are simpler. As we previously did with the sword and pickaxe, we first draw the cookie. The creeper is done in two steps. First, fill in the green part of the creeper with royal icing and then, once this part dries, fill in the black part (eyes and mouth).

The TNT block cookie is decorated in three steps. First, fill the white part in the middle of the cookie. Once this area is dried, fill two squares that don’t touch each other. Once they dry, continue filling in the remaining squares and add the TNT letters.

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