vampires vampiro tumbas tombs cementerio cemetery Halloween tarta cake

It’s been quite a while since we began celebrating HALLOWEEN at our house. Though many adults still oppose this celebration, because Halloween is not originally a Spanish holiday, it is now celebrated widely in schools in Spain. As a consequence, a new tradition has indirectly joined our lives.

Our family has been celebrating Halloween for some years. We throw a great Halloween party for our children, family, and friends and decorate the house accordingly (spiders, spider webs, bats…). Our guests usually come dressed up in Halloween costumes, especially the children. As you can imagine, the Halloween cake and cookies could not be left out for such an event! In this post I will tell you about what I made for Halloween 2014.

tarta Halloween cake cementerio cemetery mummy vampire tombs

Tarta Cementerio Halloween

Tarta Halloween Cake Fondant vampiros momias vampire mummy


Vampiros Fondant Vampire tumbas tombs cementerio cemetery sugarpaste Halloween

Vampiros Fondant Vampire

My idea was to build a cemetery cake with tombs. The previous year I had made a 3-tier cake, but this time I wanted to do something different. I baked a rectangular chocolate cake which I filled and covered with black chocolate ganache.

Momia fondant Mummy Halloween cemetery

Momia Fondant Mummy

Momia fondant modelado modeling sugarpaste Mummy Halloween

Momia Fondant Mummy

This time, the cake was quite simple since I wanted to focus more on the modeling part. I got my inspiration from a female vampire and a mummy modeled by Rudy Martinez and decided to do something in that line for my chocolate cemetery. So I modeled my own version of a female vampire sleeping in her tomb surrounded by gravestones. But I did not want to leave her alone.  So I also modeled her loving vampire soul mate.

Both the cake and sugar paste figures were 100% edible except for the tombs where the vampires were sleeping. These tombs which were made of plastic foam, were covered with fondant. Modeling the mummy was one of the most fun things to do, playing with thin fondant pieces in the attempt to cover her up with bandages while shaping her incredible curves.

figuras fondant modelado vampiros Halloween modeling

Vampiros fondant Vampires

As I tend to worry about people being hungry, apart from the cemetery cake I decided to make another one, a Red Velvet cake filled and covered with cream cheese frosting. This type of cake is one of my favorites! I can assure you will not go wrong with this one! Success is guaranteed!

To carry on with the Halloween topic I made a very special modeling figure for this second cake: Maleficent! I had recently watched the film at the cinema, and I was very impressed by her whole appearance–those incredible twisting horns over her head… I mean everything! This evil stepmother was really scary!!!

Modelado Maléfica Maleficent fondant Halloween

Maléfica Fondant Maleficent

For the three modeling figures I followed the same procedure: on day 1 I modeled the head and the torso. Then, once they were dried (1-2 days later) I glued the head to the torso and dressed the figures. On day 3 I finished off with the hair and gave them the finishing touches.

Fondant tarta cake Halloween vampiros vampires momia mummy galletas cookies cementerio cemetery tombas tombs

Fiesta Halloween Party

Of course, I could not leave out the Halloween cookies, as I enjoy decorating them the most.  Some of the cookies were decorated with royal icing and some with edible sugar paper. The ones with royal icing were decorated with different motifs: pumpkins, vampires, witches, Wednesday and Pericles (the Adams family), Frankenstein, Halloween girls… I got my inspiration to decorate Wednesday, Pericles and the vampire from the blog “Postreadicción”. From the very first moment I saw them I  was fascinated and knew I had to include them in my Halloween party.

Vampiro Vampire Wednesday Miercoles Halloween royal icing decoradas glasa Halloween


Galletas Halloween cookies vampire vampiros Frankenstein decoradas decorated royal icing glasa

Galletas Halloween Cookies

Galletas Calabaza Pumpkin cookies decoradas decorated glasa royal icing Halloween

Galletas Halloween Cookies

The Halloween cookies decorated with edible sugar paper were really easy to make: I first printed some Halloween pictures with edible ink, then cut them and glued them directly onto the cake with edible piping gel. As you can see, it’s not rocket science, but they did look beautiful!

And the best of all, were the faces of the children when they saw all the cakes and cookie displayed! Incredible indeed!

Halloween galletas cookies decoradas decorated glasa royal icing girl Frankenstein

Galletas Halloween Cookies

Now that we are getting so close to Halloween I am planning our party for 2015. While I haven’t started preparing it yet, I have a clear idea of what I am going to make. My nephews from Madrid always come up with great ideas, and they gave me lots of suggestions last weekend. Trick or treat!

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